Argon is the 18th element of the periodic table. Its atomic weight is 39.948 u and its symbol is Ar. It is rare in the Universe and it is a non-metal. Argon is not very needed, but there is traces of it in the human body. There is 8 electrons in its outermost shell. Naturally, Argon cannot bond with any other atom because of its full valence shell. It has numerous uses as lamps, and you could also make a light if you send electricity in it.

Atomic name: Argon                  Melting point: -189.4°C, -308.8°F   

Atomic number: 18                           Boiling point: -185.8°C, -302.5°F

Atomic weight: 39.948 u

Elemental Category: non-metal

Colour: colourless as gas, white with a purple tint as liquid

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